Tonga Whale Watching; Incredible, once in a life time experience!!

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April 28, 2020
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April 28, 2020
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We went out with Tongan Expeditions for 4 days and had an incredible experience! Our guide, Lome, did a great job! She was friendly, knowledgeable and put our safety and whales well-being first!

Each day we had a great swims! We saw whales playing with dolphins, a pregnant female, the end of a heat run and several females and calves! It was breathtaking being in the water so close to such a large wild animal, words can’t describe it! Lome always checked to make sure the whales were interested in swimming with us and knew when it was best to leave them alone. I felt like the whales were respected and not over crowded. Lome should have her own GoPro!!