The value of Interns to promoting sustainable tourism in the Pacific

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September 27, 2019
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October 1, 2019
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SPTO Interns (l-R): Ms. Keri Tallorin and Ms. Mingyue Jin. (Picture © Rohit Rex)

Internships are critical experiences to help college students find their area of interest and the type of job they want to do in the future. Although interns are still in the process of learning and exploring, they play a vital role in both the office setting and the economy. Interns act as human resources. The employer benefits by receiving skilled labour and fresh perspectives, while the intern benefits by gaining life and work experience as well as building up a network in their field of interest. Internships benefit the economy as a whole by allowing individuals to gain and refine skills. Helping drive professional development through internships means that more people become qualified for more complex and higher-paying jobs. This means that those who were once interns can rise in the ranks.

“Visiting a completely different part of the world is exciting, let alone working in one. During my three months of internship with SPTO in Fiji, I would love to get to know the diverse cultures from different islands and how they are incorporating sustainability, economics, and culture together through sustainable tourism. I would be proud to use my knowledge and skills to move the projects forward and see my impacts on the Pacific Islands in the future.” Mingyue Jin

“As a new intern at SPTO, I’ve been reflecting on my aspirations and goals. I expect to gain a better understanding and increased respect for the tourism industry. I’m new to this industry and have only experienced it as a tourist. Previous to working at SPTO I never considered the thought that goes into tourism as well as the negative environmental impacts tourism can have. I’m happy to have the opportunity to work with SPTO and learn more about sustainable tourism. I hope that this exposure to the implementation of greener practices helps me advance my career in urban planning and my dream of making cities greener. I look forward to my time with SPTO and hope my contributions make a lasting impact.” Keri Tallorin

As we celebrate World Tourism Day this year, SPTO wishes to acknowledge the contribution of student interns through its partnership with Insights Global Education to its work with the Sustainable Tourism Development Division.