Testimonial from Tuvalu on SPTO Training

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Lita Pita is the proprietor of Afelita Island Resort in Funafuti, Tuvalu. She was one of the participants at the SPTO convened training in June for  hotel staff, communities and youth groups focused on Food and Beverage, Food Safety and Handling and Customer Service.  Held in Funafuti, it was a SPTO and Government of Tuvalu initiative to prepare for the upcoming Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Meeting in August.

This is a testimony she sent about her experience during the training and how it has changed her outlook and how she runs her business.

“I didn’t have the confidence to present my cooking to my guests because I know something is missing. I needed some training in some basics of doing things local to meet international standard.

When I was invited to the first week of the workshop here, I thought it’s business as usual. No, I was amazed at all the learning that took place. A need in the market very practical and hands on!

The second week was more exciting. Of course, I read cookery books but nothing compared to watching the trainers in action and us trying it . We learnt to make cocktail food, soups, salads.

I gave a speech during closing. I cried all through. This training filled that void in my cooking and operating running Afelita. Before I would . get stressed when people book to come eat at Afelita. Now  I have confidence, I am showcasing my training. I have guests saying nice things about display and taste of food. I never tasted my food before now I do.  Our local food has a bland taste now there is a spice in taste.”

The training is part of SPTO’s support for Tuvalu as an SPTO member country. With the Leaders’ Meeting in August,  ServicePro Training and Consultancy Services of Fiji conducted the training under the oversight of the Tuvalu Ministry of Tourism and SPTO.

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