SPTO launches Pacific Sustainable Tourism Newz Beat

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September 26, 2019
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September 27, 2019
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SPTO’s Sustainable Tourism Development Division today launched their monthly update for the industry, to share key highlights in the region. SPTO CEO Chris Cocker noted that this was a key focus for the Organisation moving forward, “Sustainable tourism is a key issue in the Pacific particularly with the negative impacts of climate change and natural disasters we are experiencing and the forecasted increases in tourism arrivals over the next few years. As part of SPTOs commitment to ensure that we in the tourism industry are not working in silos, ensuring that the developments in the tourism industry are moving in the right direction as well as sharing of valuable information amongst the tourism industry, we are therefore launching the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Newz Beat to share success stories, best practices as well as the latest developments in the industry”

“This inaugural issue focusses on our greatest assets, our people, and the experiences that they have had in tourism and their careers either as small business entrepreneurs, communities or as individuals. It is fitting we do this given our theme for this year’s World Tourism Day is “Tourism and Jobs; a better future for all”. The Pacific’s tourism industry employs around 131,000 people of our region and World Bank expects by 2040 that an additional 127,000 jobs will be added to this current figure. The sustainable tourism industry itself is a fast growing sector with green jobs a key component in ensuring changes in the industry. Employment in this sector is set to grow promising and exciting opportunities for Pacific People”

“In this issue you will read of women from the community who are turning plastic bottles into amazing jewelry and craft, you will meet island entrepreneurs developing their business in an environmentally friendly manner learning new culinary skills, you will meet an artisan who has championed sustainable development his whole life, you will meet a career focused individual who is now based at the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and you will meet interns who are just starting their careers. The diversity in the sustainable tourism industry is amazing and provides business and career opportunities that are quite dynamic.”

“SPTO continues to work with our partners to promote sustainable tourism development at all levels and across all sectors to ensure we take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our people whilst at the same time developing tourism in a responsible manner. Above all else our focus remains in ensuring that sustainable tourism remains in the forefront of our development agenda for the region moving forward.

“I would also like to thank the team at SPTO who have been working tirelessly to promote Pacific Tourism globally and to ensure that development in tourism is conducted in a holistic manner to safeguard our resources for future generations.

I wish everyone a happy World Tourism Day”.