Santo Travel Centre Revitalised

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February 9, 2021
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February 9, 2021
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A new look for the Santo Travel Centre, located at the ACOM Building in Luganville, has been revealed on Wednesday by the Special Advisor to the Tourism Minister, Mr Thompson Pakoa. The fresh and vibrant new centre features maps of each province and highlight experiences you can have across Vanuatu.

“The new design provides a more interactive experience for visitors to the centre and encourages them to ask questions about different parts of the country,” said Mr Pakoa.

“It really gives visitors a complete picture of the variety of things Vanuatu has to offer. While 2020 was a difficult year from COVID-19 pandemic on the flip side it tests our creativity and innovation of each sector to think outside the box and quick response to establish recovery plans to help businesses continue to grow. 93% of all tourism businesses in Vanuatu are Ni-Vanuatu owned and spread across the country, we need to support and build up local tourism industry.

“We have ensured the centre has incorporated plenty of room to display the information of tourism operators and make sure there is that all import link to making bookings.”

Mayor of Luganville, Mr. Peter Patty stated, “The Santo Travel Centre has been open for seven years and has played an import role in linking tourism businesses with visitors from around the world.”

The Mayor said it is not always easy for small businesses to look after their marketing and booking systems as well as run their business and the Santo Travel Centre provides that support.

“The Centre was set up with the support of Vanuatu Skills Partnership, who continue to provide tourism skills development across Santo in a wide variety of ways,” he said.

“Furthermore, I appreciate that tourism businesses continue to pay taxes to the Luganville Municipal Council.”

Chairman of the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO), Mr Jacob George, said currently the centre is critical to the domestic marketing program being co-ordinated by the Vanuatu Tourism Office. The program encourages people to #sapotemlokolturisim, with the objective of encouraging people to try tourism experiences within their own country. Many operators in Santo have been able to keep operating as a result of this campaign,” he said.

“While the Travel Centre may have a fresh new look, you can expect the team at the centre and the Vanuatu Tourism Office to continue to work with you and help support your businesses, as they have always done.”

(Source: Vanuatu Daily Post 06 February 2021)

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