Recycled Wine Bottles For Christmas Tree

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A total of 920 recycled wine bottles have been used to create a unique and attractive Christmas tree at the Fiji Gateway Hotel in Nadi.

Raffe Hotels and Resorts Director of Sales, Marketing and Strategic Develop­ment Akshay Singh said the idea of using the empty wine bottles came about when the team at the hotel started a ban on plas­tic straws and bags.

The wine bottle Christmas tree was lit on Thursday (December 6) by executives of the Raffe Hotels and Resorts and the Fiji Gateway Hotel.

Mr Singh said using a regular plastic Christmas tree was not on their list this year and that was when the idea of using recycled wine bottles came about.

He said this was one way of showing ap­preciation for and respect towards the en­vironment.

“It’s 920 bottles of wine that have been collected throughout the course of 2018,” Mr Singh said.

“We have a big focus on the environment and on the community for all our proper­ties.

“We have had a number of initiatives that have already taken place which is we’ve banned plastic straws at the hotel, we are banning plastic bags, we are looking at banning all kinds of plastics so it is fan­tastic that the team at Fiji Gateway Hotel has shown that you can recycle rather than buying a plastic Christmas tree, which will then create more rubbish.”

Mr Singh said being environmentally friendly was part and parcel of being a Fi­jian citizen.

“The whole point of it is to be environ­mentally focused and protect the environ­ment that we live in because this is what Fiji is all about,” he said.

Mr Singh and the Raffe Hotels and Resorts team and the Fiji Gateway Hotel wished all Fijians a very Merry Christmas.

[Source; news, 14th December, 2018]

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