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More than just a tour operator, Nani Travels is the voice of the kids of the Pacific.

At Nani Travels, we are a team of young locals, all driven by the desire to show the world how magnificent and precious our home is. But differently. We want to share with you its real, deep, raw, historic beauty. As the first sustainable tour operator of French Polynesia, Nani Travels steps away from the clichéd postcards of Tahiti and creates expeditions that make sense for you, for us, and our planet.

Each one of our products is carefully thought so it boosts the local economy, enhances the culture and traditions of our country, protects or even has a direct positive impact on the environment.

This results in immersive, interesting and unique travel experiences in French Polynesia, after which Nani Travelers become forever part of our History.

A tourism that directly benefits to the local population.

During one of our 10-day expeditions, Nani Travelers take part in an-hour beach cleaning, which, at first, surprised the local population: “Why would they travel all the way here to clean our beaches ?!” This was the very first proof that travelers are changing, and for the best. It warmed people’s hearts to realize that travelers were not only here for the overwater bungalows and tropical cocktails.

For decades, travelers and locals wouldn’t really mingle in French Polynesia, and no one would benefit from these multicultural encounters. Within a year, we gradually brought locals and travelers together and not only we built one of the biggest pieces of art of French Polynesia, but also we created the very first Artistic and Environmental Festival of the country.

All this trash picked up by Nani Travelers helped us raise awareness and encourage communities to create more recycling facilities and waste bins in public spaces. But we wanted to do more. The population had to hear us and realize the impact of their consumption habits on their lands.

So, we contacted Tuatahi, a rather shy and discreet artist, and offered him the opportunity to reveal his talent to the public and rise as one of the most popular local artists today. With the over-5000 cans found on the beaches within 6 months with our travelers; he created a 6-meter long whale, a cry of hope for a better future.

To unveil this unique piece of art, we gathered 13 environmental and cultural NGOs, 7 artists, 9 international speakers and 50 volunteers and created L’Effet Mer: the very first Artistic and Environmental Festival of French Polynesia.

This day was made of NGOs presenting easy and concrete eco-friendly solutions for our daily lives; artists singing and dancing their roots, traditions and hopes for a sustainable future; speakers raising awareness about environmental issues.

And at the center of it all, a piece of art made by locals and travelers, together.