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One of the most important and noticeable changes that have been propagated in India is the growth of the water vending machines as known as the water ATMs.

The procedure is very simple. You put some money in the vending machine and you get water.

These particular machines totally run on cash and the prepaid cards.

Apart from that the smart cards also work with the water vending machine in Kolkata. These are basically operated by some of the private companies who claim their rights over the resources of the public.

The Birth of the Water Vending Machine:

The initiative for installing these amazing water vending machines was first taken by the Delhi Government as it decided to have over 300 water vending machines installed.

So the locations would have this machine in Kolkata, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, UP and many more such places.

The Jal Board in Delhi began the project in a smaller area and over 850 families found a use for this particular facility.

The Government has been encouraging the projects of the private water sector since the 90s.

Well, the entire idea behind this support is to bring more accountability and transparency to the entire process of water production by dividing the responsibility to the small and private companies.

They have got the support of the other countries as well as they provide numerous funds for such projects.

However, some of these projects have only experienced failure and added to the Government's burden in India.

So what do you think is the main objective of these vending machines?

Well, the basic idea here behind these vending machines is to ensure that people are provided with clean and safe drinking water. Apart from that, the poor often have trouble in getting clean water so these machines are the solution to that. The projects ultimately lead to the benefits of the private sector.

The changes are beginning to be a part of the Government as some of these water ATMs are operating in a proper way and adding to the benefit of the budget of the government.

However, everything is not as rosy as it seems. It is also seen that there has been a rise in the concerns regarding the fundamental entitlements and rights for the people who live in the slum areas and the rural areas.

Bombay High Court recently put a case on the supply of water to those who are slum dwellers as the water supply there has the endorsement of prepaid cards.

It can be said without doubt that the entire scenario of these vending machines is totally unpredictable.

Water Vending Machines Benefits:

If we go by the verdict of the different private sector companies, then there are certain advantages added to the water vending machines. The consumers are benefitted in a lot of ways and we are going to have a look at some of them.

With this vending machine, the consumers are provided with:

  • Unlimited supply of water 24×7. No waiting in lines or skipping jobs and school
  • Control and accountability of the quality of water
  • Cashless dispensing for the water and the technology of pay-per-use for the people
  • Flexible prices and transparency so that the cost ultimately gets a bit low
  • Environment-friendly water with some major functionality
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