Welcome to the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Network!  You are here because you have an interest in our efforts to realise a sustainable future for the Pacific Islands through tourism that brings benefits to our people, safeguards our cultural heritage and ensures the environment that we depend on is protected for generations to come.

This platform aims to bring together all stakeholders including individuals, businesses, Government agencies, experts, development partners and travelers to share information, learn from experiences and promote collective efforts in preserving our Pacific destinations through a range of actions that matter.

The network is a regional effort to align the programs of the Pacific Tourism Organisation to the Sustainable Development Goals, the SAMOA Pathway, the Framework of Pacific Regionalism and guided by the Pacific Tourism Strategy 2015-2019 in responding to the needs and priorities of its members.

We acknowledge the support of the United Nations Development Programme and all partners who have contributed to this effort.

Sustainability is a journey and you are most welcome to join as the future looks bright!

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